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Martina Pilenga

"The highest form of courage is the courage to create."
Rollo May


Regular professional with ENPALS position, entered the artistic cooperative FaSolMusic .

She approaches to the sports world at the age of five years practicing gymnastics. It continues its path to a competitive level by participating in numerous championships and national finals.

A 17 y.o. aware of the limitations that gymnastics imposes decides to find a way to use all the baggage that gymnastics had given her and, following a hearing, enters in 2010 to the Academy Katakl? directed by Giulia Staccioli in Milan .

Apart from his training course and graduated in June 2013 .

After graduation to now is a professor of Katakl? method for internships and workshops, teacher of the open courses in the academy for children and teenagers; on stage with Kataklò for important events .

Independently in 2014 expands its professional background working with the company tick "Filodirame" for the management of the Social Theatre of Palazzolo sull'Oglio, where integrates the acting to the physical gesture .

She made his debut in October 2015 "Ma che Storia" and in April 2016 "Di lui tutto mi stregava".

Teacher at the Teatro Sociale for the Athletic Dance Lab .



Explosive energetic and strong stage presence defiles the athletic and acrobatic gesture to the fluidity and smoothness of the dance.

Aerial Dance

Thanks to physical force leads her explosiveness also suspended creating poetic atmospheres.

Physical Duo

A female duo, where physical strength is of grace and fluidity service. A magical mix athletic, powerful and poetic.


Her stage presence can create harmony between physical gesture and voice, both the Children's Theater is for Adults Theatre in a continuous surprise.


Performance for Band Mr. Brownstone events_Year 2012
Kataklò for Admo Teatro dal Verme Milan_November 2012
Dancer for songwriter and musician Riky Anelli concerts and events_Year 2013
Performance_Painting exhibition by Ugo Farina Moogies_Caravaggio/Gorgonzola 2013
Kataklò for Renzo Piano_District "Le Albere" Trento_July 2013
Performance for Band Money Talks events_Year 2013
Katklò for Metropolitan Lilla_Square Gae Aulenti Milan_February 2014
Kataklò for Unicredit e Tecnogym_Pala Isozaki Turin_July 2014
Kataklò for Pink Event_Palermo_Semptember 2014
Kataklò_Venaria Reale_October 2014

Dancer for Riky Anelli "Patagonia" Video_March 2015
Performer Riky Anelli concert Social Theater Palazzolo Sull'Oglio_April 2015
Pilobolus Summer Intensive Trainig_Connetticut USA_JulyAugust 2015
Fura del baus e Katakl? for Expo 2015_Pavilion Kuwait_September 2015
Katakl? for Ride to Abu Dabhi_Marina Circuit Abu Dabhi_October 2015
Performer Riky Anelli concert New Theater Treviglio_April 2015
Filodirame_Children's Theater debut like Physical Actress Social Theater Palazzolo Sull'Oglio_October 2015
Filodirame_Adult's Theater debut like Physical Actress Social Theater Palazzolo Sull'Oglio_April 2016
Kataklò for Hasbro Milan_May 2016



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Riky Anelli

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Ma che Storia

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Martina Pilenga


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